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Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez, Executive Vice President and President, Diversified Food & Health

Carlos Fernandez was appointed as Executive Vice President of JBT Corporation and President, Diversified Food & Health in August 2017.

Mr. Fernandez joined JBT’s predecessor FMC Corporation in 1996 as a Financial Analyst in Madrid, Spain. He subsequently served in various finance roles with FMC Corporation and its successor FMC Technologies, Inc. From 2005 through 2011, Mr. Fernandez served as the General Manager of the Tomato and Fruit business based in Parma, Italy with FMC Technologies and, following its spin-off, JBT Corporation. In 2011, he was named Deputy General Manager of Fruit and Juice Solutions, becoming General Manager in 2012. Mr. Fernandez was named Vice President of JBT and General Manager of Liquid Foods Technologies in 2014 and became President, Liquid Foods in 2016.

Mr. Fernandez holds an MBA from the University of Madrid, and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Business from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a Law Degree from UNED.